Compressor Replacements

From sourcing specialist components, project managing and co-ordination, Cormek are able to facilitate refurb, repair & install works on all aspects of mechanical cooling, heating and ventilation equipment. This job in Hyde park required 3 compressor replacements due to run hours going over the manufacturers specified time. The compressors were service exchange which compared to brand new ones, reduced the costs dramatically.

EC Fan Upgrades

Air handling units are a core piece of equipment within a building’s structure, but if the equipment is old and dated it can also be in-efficient and costly to run, repair and maintain. This project in Aberdeen was to upgrade the clients existing centrifugal fan sets to banks of EC fans. With the EC fans, maintenance, repair and downtime on equipment can be massively reduced and also due to the high efficiency of each fan, the running costs subsequently decrease

Pump Replacements

Pumps are an integral/critical part of a system’s operation. From pump selection and sourcing we can replace, repair and maintain all types. With more and more efficient pumps available, a replacement for better quality and performance is increasing, so here at Cormek we can assist with your requirements

Building Maintenance

Maintaining a building needs structure and planning, and with Cormek that’s what we give our customers. From all mechanical services including, electrical testing, water services, sampling, fire prevention, HVAC & fabric works we are able to offer our clients the full package through ourselves and our approved specialist sub-contractors when it comes to they’re building’s needs.